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Machine Translation on the Web

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Machine Translation on the Web

How to get the most of it

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Languages Available

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Ukranian
  • Dutch

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Languages Available

  • Czech
  • Turkish
  • Afrikaan
  • Swedish
  • Norwesian
  • Malay
  • Thai
  • Indonesian

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Types of Translators

  • Word-to-word
  • Sentences
  • Full text
  • Chat
  • E-mail
  • On-line
  • Human aided

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How to use a Translator

  • Type the word or text you need
  • Cut-and-paste from remote file
  • Type the URL
  • Click and point

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  • Reasonable Internet user knowledge
  • Acquaintance with a word processor
  • Background knowledge of the subject
  • Some knowledge of the language desirable

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Problems and Limitations

  • Lack of accuracy
  • Limited number of language pairs
  • Incomplete translation
  • Difficulties with idioms
  • No applicability to literary texts
  • Ambiguity

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  • Low cost
  • Number of languages available
  • Accessability
  • Applicability for scientific and technical texts
  • Impressive shape of the language

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A Sample

  • English
  • Register now/1 for ASDAL’s 20th annual conference. In order to help us serve you best, please try to register by the early bird deadline of May 15.

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  • Inscription now/1 à la conférence annuelle d’ASDAL’s 20ème. Afin de
    nous aider à vous servir mieux, essayez s’il vous plaît de registre par la date-limite tôt d’oiseau de mai 15,

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  • Register now/1 für Jahreskonferenz ASDAL’s 20.. um uns zu helfen, Sie gut zu dienen, versuchen Sie bitte, durch den frühen Vogelstichtag von Mai, 15, zu registrieren, die dieses Sie nicht nur Geld sichert, aber, auch zu helfen, daß Sie, können die Touren zu nehmen, die Sie Touren mögen, sicherzustellen,

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  • Registro now/1 per il congresso annuale di ASDAL’s ventesimo. Per aiutarli a servirli il più bene, provare prego a registrare dalla scadenza iniziale dell’uccello di maggio 15,

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  • Registro ahora! para la conferencia anual de ASDAL’s vigésimo. Para
    ayudarnos a servirle lo más mejor posible, intente por favor colocarse
    antes del plazo temprano del pájaro de mayo 15,

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  • Registo agora! para a conferência anual de ASDAL’s 20o. A fim ajudar-
    nos servir-lhe melhor, tente por favor registar pelo fim do prazo adiantado do pássaro de maio 15,

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Sample II

  • German
  • Bibliothek der theologischen Universität Friedensau Die Bibliothek der theologischen Universitätsfriedenssau wurde 1899 geschaffen. In die Nachkriegsziet auf Lager Wachstum war gering. Beginn der Fuenfzinger Jahre hatte die Bibliothek von 4500 Bänder (Februar 1954).

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  • Library of the theological university peace sow The library of the theological university peace sow was created 1899. Into the Nachkriegsziet inside stock growth was small. Start of the fuenfzinger years had the library of 4500 tapes (February 1954).

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How to get the most of them

  • Use them for informative texts.
  • Use them for browsing on the Net: they will give you a gist of the subject.
  • Don’t use it for documents you need more accuracy, unless you will submit
    the resulting draft to a human translator.
  • Have fun.

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  • “The computer is certainly a most remarkable machine but it has no brain. The creative brain work must be done by the linguist and the programmer if the end results of even very simple MT translating are to be intelligible.”

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