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Adventist Libraries and Distance Education

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Adventist Libraries and Distance Education

Peg Bennett & Keith Clouten

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The Next Wave of Collaboration

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Distance Education: Then and Now

Distance Education (DE) has been around for a long time.

What is new in DE is the Internet.

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Thanks to the Internet we now have

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Trends as we enter the new Millennium

  • Globalization
  • Continuing Education of Adults
    “The growth industry in this country and the world
    will soon be continuing education of adults.”
    (Peter Drucker : Managing in a Time of Great Change. 1995. P.343)
  • The New Home Base

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The New HOME Base

  • Tele-commuting:
    • Growing by 15% per year
    • Work from Home means
      no longer Going to Work !
  • Online Education:
    • Growing 3 times faster than full-time enrollments at residential schools
    • Study from Home means
      no longer Going to School !

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DE Takes Several Forms

  • DE Programs from Traditional Campuses
  • Virtual Universities
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Virtual Universities

  • Some established by corporations for profit (e.g. Motorola)
  • State legislatures are establishing virtual universities (e.g. Tennessee, Kentucky)
    • Do not grant degrees or offer courses
    • Function as consortia to provide services for existing public universities
  • NAD is in process of establishing a VU

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How TE is different from DE

TE (Traditional  Education) DE (Distance Education)
  • Broadcast learning
  • Face-to-face interaction
  • Encounter with diverse populations & points of view
  • Access to our cultural & intellectual heritage via the library
  • “Lighting a fire in students’ hearts, role modeling & nurturing”
  • Learning by discovery
  • Online interaction
  • Learning at home
  • Convenient access to instructional materials & instructors
  • Well suited to job training & continuing education

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DE and Libraries

It Used to Be
Soooo Slow

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Traditional DE support meant a long waiting time

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DE and Libraries Today

it can be
Almost Instantaneous !!

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DE support can be fast!!


Remote Databases

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How DE is Challenging Libraries

  • Collaboration is happening everywhere
  • Libraries are often forgotten in the rush.   Why?
  • Few online courses require reading lists or library research
  • Uncertainty about how the library & its resources can be successfully integrated into an online format
  • 1998 ACRL Guidelines for Distance Learning Library Services
  • Pressure from accreditation bodies

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DE Challenges for Adventist Libraries

  • Worldwide Distribution of DE Students
  • Technology is a Question of Geography
  • Licensing Issues
  • Adventist Education is Ripe for Collaboration
  • New NAD Consortium for DE
  • Recent GC Seminar on Distance Education

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DistanceLearning - v3_slide0006_image011.gifSDA Libraries Can Collaborate for DE Support

  • Global Mission
  • Technologies create new Opportunities
  • Librarians Collaborate — “It’s what we do!”
  • ASDAL has a Proud History of Collaboration
    • SDA Periodical Index
    • ALICE (Adventist Libraries Information Cooperative)

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Opportunities for Global Collaboration

  • SDA Resources on the Web
  • Enhanced Interlibrary Loan
  • Global Direct Document Delivery
  • Global Consortial Approach to Selected Database Producers / Vendors

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Challenges to SDA Library Collaboration for DE

  • Lack of library budget support for DE (staff, information resources,
  • Competition among NAD Institutions
  • Collaboration requires leadership and support at both NAD and GC levels
  • Collaboration requires teamwork among librarians

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So . . .

Move over, ALICE. And meet your little brother …

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