ASDAL Officers and Committees


Executive Committee Coordinators Academic Rank and Tenure Committee
ALICE Council Adventist Resources Working Committee Archives and Records Management Section Steering Committee
Conference Planning Committee Constitution and Bylaws Committee Nominating Committee
Scholarship and Awards Committee School Library Section SDA Classification Advisory Committee
Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index Advisory Committee Site Planning Committee Chapters

Executive Committee

President: Per Lisle
President-elect: Kieren Bailey
Past President: Terry Robertson
Secretary: Heather Rodriguez-James (2017-2019)
Treasurer: Xiaoming Xu (2017-2020)
ASDAL Action Editor: Jessica Spears (2016-2018)

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Distance Education Coordinator: Vacant
International Libraries Coordinator: Vacant
Publicity Coordinator: Vacant
Web Site Coordinator: Gerald Rezes (2016-2018)
SDA Librarian Discussion List Manager: Steve Sowder (2016-2018)
Membership Coordinator: Vacant

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Academic Rank and Tenure Committee

Don Essex (2015-2018)
Clara Okoro (2015-2018)

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Adventist Library Information Cooperative (ALICE) Council

Volunteer Staff:

Alice Chair, Paulette McLean Johnson Oakwood University College (Alabama, USA)
Alice Project Manager, Carolyn Gaskell Walla Walla University (Washington, USA)
Alice Treasurer, Lawrence Onsager Andrews University (Michigan, USA)
Alice Secretary, Per Lisle Newbold College (Binfield, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK)


Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (Philippines) – Megumi Flores
Adventist University of Health Sciences (Florida, USA) – Deanna Flores
Andrews University (Michigan, USA) – Lawrence Onsager
Asia-Pacific International University (Thailand) – Damian Ginajil
Bibliothek der Theologischen Hochschule Friedensau (Germany) – Raul Cervantes
Burman University (Alberta, Canada) – Sheila Clark
Helderberg College (South Africa) – Gail Geduld
La Sierra University (California, USA) – Kitty Simmons
Loma Linda University (California, USA) – Jerry Daly
Middle East University (Lebanon) – Farid Khoury
Newbold College (Binfield, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK) – Per Lisle & Lynda Baildam
Oakwood University (Alabama, USA) – Paulette McLean Johnson
Pacific Union College (California, USA) – Joel Lutes
Southern Adventist University (Tennessee, USA) – Deyse Bravo-Rivera
Southwestern Adventist University (Texas, USA) – Christina Thompsen
Union College (Nebraska, USA) – Kieren Bailey
Walla Walla University (Washington, USA) – Carolyn Gaskell
Washington Adventist University (Maryland, USA) – Don Essex
Weimar Institute (California, USA) – Maryann Krueger
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Adventist Resources Working Committee

Jim Ford (2014-2017), Chair
Lori Curtis (2015-2018)
Katy Van Arsdale (2016-2019)
Adorée Hatton (2016-2019)
Heather Rodriguez-James (2014-2017)

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Archives and Records Management Section Steering Committee

Lori Curtis (2015-2018), Chair
Roy Kline (2017-2020)
Alan Hecht (2017-2020)
Katy Van Arsdale (2015-2019)
Ashlee Chism (2016-2019)

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Conference Planning Committee – Ex officio or appointed at site library

Kieren Bailey (President-elect), Chair
Vacant – On-site Coordinator
Xiaoming Xu (ASDAL Treasurer)

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Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Darel Bennedbaek (2016-2019)
Donald Martin (2017-2019)
Don Essex (2016-2019)
Per Lisle [ASDAL President (ex officio)]
Xiaoming Xu [ASDAL Treasurer (ex officio)]

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Nominating Committee

Terry Robertson (2017-2018), Chair
Paulette McLean Johnson (2016-2018)
Darel Bennedbaek (2017-2018)
Larry Onsager (2017-2018)

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Scholarship and Awards Committee

Darel Bennedbaek (2015-2018)
Rebecca Brothers (2017-2019)
Healther Rodriguez-James (2016-2019)
Per Lisle [ASDAL President (ex officio)]
Xiaoming Xu [ASDAL Treasurer (ex officio)]

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School Library Section

Petra Duersch, Coordinator

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SDA Classification Advisory Committee

Stan Cottrell II (2015-2018), Chair
Lori Curtis (2016-2019)
Heather Rodriguez-James (2016-2019)
Jacqueline Neath-Foster (2015-2018)
Felipe Tan, Editor (ex officio)

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Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index Advisory Committee

Lawrence Onsager [Library Director of Host Institution (ex officio)], Chair
Jim Ford [Secretary (ex officio)]
Paulette McLean Johnson (2014-2019)
Shelia Clark (2016-2021)
Carolyn Gaskell
Jerry Daly [Loma Linda University Representative]
David Trim [General Conference Archivist (ex officio)]
Larry Blackmer [North American Division delegate (ex officio)]
Terry Robertson (ex officio)

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Site Planning Committee

Pamela Jansen (2017-2020)
Paulette McLean Johnson (2016-2019)
Jessica Spears (2015-2018)

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African Chapter

General Coordinator: Clara Okoro (2017-2019)


Asian Chapter

General Coordinator: Vacant


European Chapter



Inter-American Chapter

General Coordinator: Keisha Brown-Dixon


South American Chapter



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