This is a listing of Adventist institutions of higher learning around the world that have a web presence.
Where the library of the institution has a web page of its own, the link is to the library page.

Adventist University of Health Sciences: Robert Arthur Williams Library - Catalog

Andrews University: James White Library - Catalog
Atlantic Union College: G. Eric Jones Library - Catalog
Canadian University College Library - Catalogue (WorldCat Local)
Kettering College Library

La Sierra University Library - Catalog
Loma Linda University: Del E. Webb Memorial Library - Catalog
Oakwood University: Eva B. Dykes Library - Catalog
Pacific Union College: Nelson Memorial Library - Catalog
Southern Adventist University: McKee Library - Catalog
Southwestern Adventist University: Chan Shun Centennial Library - Catalog
Union College: Ella Johnson Crandall Library - Catalog
Walla Walla University: Peterson Memorial Library - Catalog
Washington Adventist University: Weis Library - Catalog (SHARC)

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Central & South America

Amazonia Adventist College: SophiA Biblioteca
Latin-American Adventist Theological Seminary: Biblioteca das Faculdades Adventistas da Bahia (Brazil)
Minas Gerais Adventist Institute (Brazil)
Misiones Adventist College (Argentina) 
Northeast Brazil College: Biblioteca das Faculdades Adventistas da Bahia (Brazil)
Paraguay Adventist University (Paraguay)
Peruvian Union University: Sistema de Bibliotecas UPeU (Peru)
Sao Paolo Adventist University: Biblioteca Centro Univeritário Adventista (Brazil)
Universidad Adventista del Plata: Biblioteca E.I Mohr (Argentina) - Catalogo

Universidad Adventista de Bolivia: Biblioteca Sighart Klauss (Bolivia)
Universidad Adventista de Chile: Biblioteca Mariano Renedo Lucero (Chile)

Universidad de Adventista de las Antillias: Biblioteca Dennis Soto (Puerto Rico) - Catalogo (via WWW)

Universidad de Montemorelos: El Centro de Información-Biblioteca (Mexico) - Catálogo Bibliográphico

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Campus Adventiste du Salève: Bibliothèque Alfred-Vaucher (France) -Catalogue de la bibliothèque
Colegio Adventista de Sagunto: Biblioteca (Spain)
Roy Graham Library, Newbold College (Great Britain) - Catalogue
Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen: Bibliothek (Austria) - Catalog (via WWW)
Schulzentrum Marienhöhe (Germany)
Teologický seminár: Knihovna (Czech Republic)
Theologischen Hochschule Friedensau: Bibliothek (Germany) - Bestandskatalog
Villa Aurora (Italy)
Wyzsze Seminarium Duchowne im. M. Beliny-Czechowskiego (Poland)
Zaokski Theological Seminary (Russia)

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Babcock University: Library (Nigeria)
Helderberg College: Pieter Wessels Library (South Africa)
Solusi University (Zimbabwe)

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Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies: Leslie Hardinge Library (Philippines) - Catalog
Mission College (Thailand) - Catalog

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Hiram S. Walters Resource Centre 

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